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How do I enter the competition?
  1. Visit
  2. Select your service provider
  3. Enter your cellphone number
Will I be charged for entering?

No, entering the competition is free!

There is no charge or cost associated with entering the airtime competition apart from the data used to browse the website.

Third party subscription services may be advertised but is not affiliated with these services and you will not be subscribed to any service by simply entering the competition at

You can lodge a complaint here if you are having trouble with a subscription service, or call your service provider for assistance.

You can also cancel all mobile subscription services from your phone by SMSing "STOP ALL" to 30333 on Vodacom OR Dial *141*5# on MTN and *133*1# on Cell C

How are the prizes funded?

Prizes are funded by advertising that is displayed on to all visitors.

How much airtime can I win?

If you enter the competition at, you stand the chance to win up to R5 airtime or up to R30 in every 10th draw.

Every time you enter the competition you are entered into the R5 draw as well as the "grand draw".

Details of the draws will be displayed to you every time you enter.

What are my chances of winning?

Your chances of winning depend on how many entries are in the draw and how many winners are selected on the day. There is always at least one winner every day, but there have also been as many as 12 winners on a single day.

The number of winners selected depends on how much advertising revenue has been generated so that the cost of airtime prizes and other running costs can be covered. The number of entries in the draw is displayed for everyone to see on all competition pages and 2367 unique people have won airtime from so far!

How can I get more entries?

You can enter the airtime draw more than once by simply repeating the entry process as many times as you can. There is a limit on the number of entries that you can enter into each draw.

You can also tweet about the airtime draw to get your number entered into the draw automatically, every day, for the next 7 days!

Can I win more than once?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of times that you can win airtime.

How are winners picked and announced?

Winners are randomly selected by a fully automated computer program that runs on the website when enough people have entered to trigger a draw. There is no human involvement or influence in picking winners, so all entrants have the same and fair chance of being selected as a winner.

Winners receive airtime credit directly by pin-less recharge to the pre-paid mobile number that they used to enter the competition. A tweet from @mobidk announces that winners have been selected and the number of entries on is reset for each draw.

Winning numbers are not announced or made public in order to protect the personal details of winners, but there is a list of people who have tweeted about winning airtime on Twitter here.

How long has the competition been running for? was launched in January 2012 and will keep running as long as the advertising income that is generated can cover all the costs of running the competition and website.

Will you give me airtime if I ask for it?

No, unfortunately I can't give airtime to all the people who ask - If I give airtime to one person who asks, then I would have to give to everybody and this is not sustainable.

It wouldn't be fair for me to give out airtime to some people and not others, so I don't give airtime to anyone who asks. If you want airtime, then you must enter the competition where lucky winners can be picked fairly and sustainably.

Is the competition affiliated with a service provider?

No, is a private entity and does not receive any support or endorsement from any cellular service provider or other third party/ies.

What do you do with my details?

Your details are only used for the airtime draw and will not be spammed, sold or shared with any third party (apart from the airtime supplier, so that you can receive pin-less airtime if you win). You can see a full privacy policy here.

Can I enter from any country? is accessible from all countries. However, airtime prizes are only available for South African cellular providers and winners can also only receive airtime credit directly by pin-less recharge to pre-paid South African cellphone numbers. If you do not have a pre-paid South African cellphone number then you will not be able to win.

Can I complain about not winning airtime?

Yes, you can. But remember, lots of people enter all kinds of competitions every day and there are always only a few winners. Competitions are about luck and there are no guaranteed winnings! Please don't use this website if you expect guaranteed winnings. But keep in mind that 2367 unique people have won airtime from so far!

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