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• How do I enter the competition?
• Will I be charged for entering?
• How are the prizes funded?
• How much airtime can I win?
• What are my chances of winning?
• How can I get more entries?
• Can I win more than once?
• How are winners picked and announced?
• How long has the competition been running for?
• Will you give me airtime if I ask for it?

No, I can't give airtime to all the people who ask - If I give airtime to one person who asks, then I would have to give to everybody and this is not sustainable. It is also not fair for me to give out airtime to some people and not others, so I do not give out airtime to anyone who asks.

If you want airtime, then you need to enter the competition like everyone else where a lucky winner can be picked fairly and sustainably.
• Is the competition affiliated with a service provider?
• What do you do with my details?
• Can I enter from any country?
• Can I complain about not winning airtime?

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