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• How do I enter the competition?
• Will I be charged for entering?
• How are the prizes funded?
• How much airtime can I win?
• What are my chances of winning?
• How can I get more entries?

You can enter the airtime draw more than once by simply repeating the entry process as many times as you can. There is a wait period that will be displayed to you before another entry from your number will be accepted again.

If your device supports it, you can also tweet the link that will be displayed to you after each entry to get 3 additional entries. Please note that this tweet will only get you additional entries if it is tweeted from the link displayed on and through Twitter for the web (in your web browser), not using any Twitter app or client. The tweet works just once per entry and you will not get any further entries by manually copying / pasting / modifying / retweeting the tweet on Twitter.

Once you have tweeted the link through your web browser you will be directed back to to see a message that says "You have 3 more entries in the draw for tweeting". If you do not see this message, you will not receive your additional entries. Sometimes it can take a moment to be directed back to from the Twitter website, so you may need to be patient, but you should notice that your entry count will be up by an extra 3 entries when you next enter the draw if you followed the tweet process correctly.
• Can I win more than once?
• How are winners picked and announced?
• How long has the competition been running for?
• Will you give me airtime if I ask for it?
• Is the competition affiliated with a service provider?
• What do you do with my details?
• Can I enter from any country?
• Can I complain about not winning airtime?

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