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• How do I enter the competition?
• Will I be charged for entering?
• How are the prizes funded?
• How much airtime can I win?
• What are my chances of winning?
• How can I get more entries?
• Can I win more than once?
• How are winners picked and announced?

Winners are randomly selected by a fully automated computer program that runs on the website at 4pm every day. There is no human involvement or influence in picking winners, so all entrants have the same and fair chance of being selected as a winner.

Winners are notified by SMS on the mobile number that they used to enter the competition. A tweet from @mobidk announces that winners have been selected and the number of entries on is reset at 4pm every day. Winning numbers are not announced or made public in order to protect the personal details of winners, but there is a list of people who have tweeted about winning airtime on Twitter here.
• How long has the competition been running for?
• Will you give me airtime if I ask for it?
• Is the competition affiliated with a service provider?
• What do you do with my details?
• Can I enter from any country?
• Can I complain about not winning airtime?

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